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Re: aptitude: packages have been kept back?

On Oct 7, 2004, at 3:59 AM, robin wrote:

 --- ms419@freezone.co.uk  wrote:

Can someone please explain why some packages might be "kept back", or
how I might find out?

I guess what I'd like to know is how to get more information about why
aptitude is concluding that these couple packages should be "kept
back", to better understand whether the fault is aptitude's or mine.
Unfortunately I haven't managed to gather this, using only aptitude's
ample documentation.

I don't think it's a bug. I see something similar with synaptic. It
usually happens after I update my lists and choose a range of files to
upgrade. The files "kept back" are the upgradeable files I have chosen
not to upgrade.

It would be worth installing synaptic as it is much clearer what is happening than aptitude, in my opinion.:-) I have a kept-back which is waiting for other packages to be upgraded which are not available yet. It is unlikely that you are doing any thing wrong.


Thanks for your help!

I'm confident that these packages dependancies are met. I haven't put anything on hold or chosen not to upgrade these packages - I'd like them upgraded!

I've gone so far as to examine these packages in aptitude, hoping to "un-hold" them, or discover why they are "kept back"; from in aptitude, these packages are marked "id" - "installed" and "will be deleted".

I can't explain why these packages are "kept back" from aptitude dist-upgrade, "will be deleted" from in aptitude, & yet apt-get dist-upgrade upgrades them just fine.

Installing synaptic is probably a good idea - unfortunately I'm not running X & I'd rather not setup an X server just to resolve this problem with aptitude.

Can anyone suggest how else to learn more about aptitude's problem with these "kept back" packages?



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