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Re: printer won't stop

On Thursday 14 October 2004 20:10, Jacob S wrote:
> If I'm not mistaken, you can also delete jobs in the queue using cups'
> web interface (if not a command line tool, as well). 
> In your web browser, go to http://localhost:631, then click the
> "Manage Printers" link, click on the printer with the jobs to be
> canceled and then delete the appropriate jobs from the queue. (Looks
> like you can click the "Manage Jobs" link as well, instead of "Manage
> Printers".) 

Yes, that is correct.  Use Manage jobs for jobs and Manage printers for 
printers - you can modify, configure, or even delete and install 
printers from the web interface.  This is how I usually work.

But, a small warning, you do need to have the access permissions set up 
right.  I have one box where cups won't let me change anything and I 
cannot see what I have configured wrong.  

A great advantage of the web interface is you don't need X running to 
use it -- just access it via lynx (or other text-i/f browser).


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