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Re: passwd/su how to no password also two modules files?

Once upon a time Andrea Vettorello said...
> On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 12:13:52 -0400, ekco9595@rogers.com <ekco9595@rogers.com> wrote:
> > What im meaning is say i have a 2.4.xx kern and a 2.6.xx kern they both are
> > gonna excute /etc/modules and /etc/modules.conf but say i want differeent
> > modules for the different kernels (i dont want them excuting the same module
> > config file) so then would I just have to switch between the config files
> > ahead of time before i reboot to the toher kernel or is there a better way of
> > doing this?
> The /etc/modules.conf IIRC is built at boot time by the modutils
> package for the 2.4.x kernels and module-init-tools for the 2.6.x
> kernels parsing the /etc/modutils dir. The /etc/modules instead is
> file is a static file. I think that hotplug will do the work for you,
> loading the needed modules by your kernel.

You can also use /etc/modules-2.6 for a 2.6 kernel. This is how you
maintain a separate list of modules to load for the different kernel

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