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Re: Advice needed to speed up very slow machine (conclusion)

On Sat, 09 Oct 2004 00:20:07 +0200, Don Jackson wrote:
> I'm sure I could make more speedup by going to different wm, but
> could not justify the time needed for my learning curve.  Just
> changing to S-C and Dillo seemed good enough for her, as unlike me,
> she has never been exposed to faster computers.

FWIW, switching from one of the big desktop environments (gnome/kde)
to fluxbox will really speed things up. I could get a from an X login
prompt (wdm) to a working desktop almost instantly on the old P166
laptop I used to run before it developed too many hardware problems.

> Revised computer has been back in her hands for some time now and performing 
> well with the exception mentioned about printing of a couple email files.  I 
> need to look into them and possibly report a bug.  Still get bugged with 
> phone calls as my written instructions to her were not perfect ... but 
> getting there!

It may be worth installing ssh and the rfb version of vnc so you log
in remotely for support.

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