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Re: Transport debian woody from laptop to PC

Hi all,

thanx a lot for answering. What I did in the end:

1) Created the partitions needed for debian
2) Tared the whole directory 
   (tar cvzf /mnt/FreeBSD/root.bak-20041007.tar.gz . --exclude=proc
   --exclude=mnt) to a NFS directory - on my PC I use FreeBSD as a kind of
   backup server for my debian box
3) untared the archive to the new debian partition (reconfigured lilo)
4) changed the environment to fit with the PC settings (pcmcia, sound,
xserver ...)

So in the end I would say that everything works except one thing:

I cannot use my ppp configuration anymor - trying to pon my provider gives
me alway: chat alarm, chat Failed, pppd Connect script failed.
I now have to figure out why - yesterday it was to late for me.

So thanx for all the help and answering.

... don't touch the bang bang fruit

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