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Re: Hi, About Kernel 2.6.6 with NPTL on Debian.

On Tue, 05 Oct 2004 17:32:22 +0800, NetSnake <peng.yang@prosten.com.cn> wrote:
>  Hi, all
>  I compile kernel-source 2.6.6 on Debian, but it seems non NPTL support.
>  I compile kernel-source-2.6.6, glibc6 2.3.2-ds1-16, glibc-i686 2.3.2-ds1-16
> glibc6-dev-2.3.2-ds1-16
>  On a machine the NPTL works fine!
>  But on another machine, the same kernel(I tried same kernel config and same
> binary kernel iamge) and libc, the NPTL NOT work!
>  I can not find any diff between two machine!
>  How can I make sure one system already support NPTL? 3ks!
>  I use j2sdk 1.4.2, run rmiregistry to test this feature, one machine have 1
> process and 8 threads, one machine have 8 process.
>  I also use OpenLDAP compiled with thread support, have some issue on these
> two machine.
>  Any suggestion?

Try look to the "libc6-i686" package, IIRC to use NPTL you need
support on your libc6 (someone correct me)...


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