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Re: Software RAID 0 and linux

"software controller": isn't the point of having a RAID card to use
hardware RAID?

I am doing virtually what you are asking about.  I have a FastTrak TX2
card and am mirror two disks on which I have my Debian build.  The
biggest part I would question of your proposal is that it--hardware
RAID'ing using Promise FastTrak--can be done on kernel 2.6 (I
refer to this later).

Alvin who also responded to this thread questioned your use/definition
of RAID 0 but I am fairly certain this is good ol' fashion mirroring as
it appears you are thinking of it as and as I know I am using.

The differences between my setup and what you are asking is I don't
have dual boot, I'm positively using hardware not software RAID and I
have a small, non-raided drive (hda1) that is my boot disk, ie.
what holds my boot loader and /boot partition.  Although there is
good possibility this small, unraided disk is not necessary, it does
make things ALOT easier and safer.  It has saved me a bunch.

When a reboot fails because of a kernel change or whatever, I can
always fall back to the IDE, unraided disk which has the same build of
Debian (a minimal build of the same Debian version).  I can always
count on this to boot and from this, I can mount the other disks until
I can correct the problem with the RAIDed build.

Also, as your BIOS likely doesn't recognize the RAIDed drives, you
need something your BIOS can read to hold your boot loader.  As I
said, this could likely be avoided but I personally don't know

One more comment, the kernel module I compile for the FastTrak
card is at


Look for "Partial Linux Source Code".  The latest version I have found
there is which as I understand only supports kernel 2.4.  For
this reason, I am not using kernel 2.6 which is another difference I
didn't mention earlier.

Hope this helps,


->>In response to your message<<-
  --received from Niels--
> Hi,
> I want to buy a Promise Fasttrack TX2 plus RAID 0 controller with two 
> SATA hard disks. The controller is a software controller. I want no 
> other hard disks than these two in my PC. Can I boot of this setup with 
> the 2.6 kernel? Is it possible to put Windows XP and Debian Linux on the 
> same RAID 0 array? Is it difficult to install?
> Greets,
> Niels
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