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Re: NOT ANSWERED asus a7n8x built in nic and intel pro 100 S nic

On Friday 01 October 2004 16:47, Ian L wrote:
> However, using that older version of debian i just installed it fine and
> it booted up fine. I have one probably though in trying to upgrade this
> version ... how do i upgrade it without a working network card? i tried
> installing the 2.6.8 kernel package before but there was a never ending
> list of package dependencies which made it a PITA to try and upgrade. Can
> i download all the packages from somewhere, burn them to cd and then let
> apt upgrade using the cdrom as the source?
> thanks again for the help
> Ian

Yes, you can.  You can download the cd images using jigdo (if you have a 
working Debian computer with a network), or just download the full iso, 
then run apt-cdrom to add them to your sources.list file.  You can then 
update and upgrade your system.  See http://www.debian.org/distrib/cd for 
detailed instructions on the many ways to obtain CD images, if you can't 
use jigdo for some reason (like it isn't installed or your only Debian 
machine is the one without networking).

You can also use the CD you installed from to install extra software. You 
might want to look into apt-zip, though I don't have any experience with 

Justin Guerin

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