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Re: NOT ANSWERED asus a7n8x built in nic and intel pro 100 S nic

At 08:21 AM 10/1/2004, you wrote:
On Thursday 30 September 2004 15:45, Ian L wrote:
> To answer pretty much all of your questions ... i dont know ;p
> I used the latest daily debian installer build to do this. During the
> partitioning process i selected ext3 and swap as the partition types.
> Yes, debian is the only thing on the drive. No other partitions. I have
> no idea whats involved with the device nodes, and i dont know how i could
> check them since it wont boot.
> thanks for the help
> ian

Hmm, yes, looking back, it does seem rather insane that I asked those
questions.  However, you may be able to answer them by using a bootable CD
such as Knoppix.

On the other hand, if your system is fresh off an install, you may want to
try again with the just released pre RC2 version.  It's very unusual for
your system to end up in this state fresh off an install.

You indicated that you will try with a slightly older install CD.  If that
worked before, it should work again, and the beauty of Debian is that you
can easily upgrade your system from now until the hardware dies without
ever having to reinstall.

Good luck, and if you still have problems, post some specifics in a new
thread and we'll try to help.

Justin Guerin

well rc2 has the same problem as the others... it locks up when trying to use dhcp. locks up when setting it manually too.

However, using that older version of debian i just installed it fine and it booted up fine. I have one probably though in trying to upgrade this version ... how do i upgrade it without a working network card? i tried installing the 2.6.8 kernel package before but there was a never ending list of package dependencies which made it a PITA to try and upgrade. Can i download all the packages from somewhere, burn them to cd and then let apt upgrade using the cdrom as the source?

thanks again for the help


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