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Re: Why Grub? Must I Switch?

* Mark Ferlatte <ferlatte@cryptio.net> [2004 Oct 03 17:54 -0500]:
> Marc Wilson said on Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 10:58:07AM -0700:
> > On Sun, Oct 03, 2004 at 08:22:28AM -0700, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> > > - You don't have to rerun grub every time you changed the config file
> > 
> > Except that you do, unless you believe in symlinks for your kernels..
> Minor nit: you don't have to run grub if you change the grub config; if you
> install a new kernel and don't want to use symlinks (which the debian kernel
> packages setup by default), then you need to edit your grub config.

Or, run update-grub.

I can tell everyone why I was glad to have been running GRUB a couple
of years back.  I had bought a new computer and larger hard drive and
had followed the advice for transfering my system from one drive to
another, but had made multiple partitions on the new drive in doing so.  

Long story short, everything I tried resulted in LILO hanging.  Since I 
had GRUB installed on a floppy that I'd created from reading a Linux 
Journal article.  With GRUB I was able to specify the path of the kernel 
and boot.

I find the boot menu GRUB presents to be automatic and very
controllable with a minimum of fuss.  No requiring a user to press a
key just to get a boot menu.  I'm a fan of GRUB and haven't bothered
with LILO since (if LILO has been fixed to be smoother, well that's
great ;).

Folks, this is why choice in software exists.  I don't have to use
someone else's software dictates on my systems.  We have enough of that
already from a certain convicted monopolist.

- Nate >>

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