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Re: mount xfs filesystem as noneroot user

Once upon a time bing yu said...
> thanks I got the problem solved by another path : mount the device to
> none-root user, so I need no su to root when I locate to  my /mnt/media 
> the vfat file system go well by add this in the /etc/fstab 
> /dev/hda7 /mnt/media vfat umask=0,uid=1003,gid=1003,defaults,iocharset=cp936 0 0
> BUT when I come to xfs filesystem. I doesn't work 
> can any one give so advice on xfs , How to make some change in
> /etc/fstab  so noneroot user can read and write in /dev/hda8 

XFS has permissions in the filesystem, so there is no need for a
uid=x,gid=y hack at mount time.

Just set up the permissions on the files appropriately to allow access
to the users/groups that you want to have access.

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