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HP 2210 USB printer problems in Sid

Hi, all.

Sid, latest 2.6.8-1-686 kernel. I went back through the archives and 
found where I had asked about getting this printer connected before, 
and followed those directions, but it's failing right at the outset.

The hpoj documentation suggests ensuring that the USB drivers are 
compiled for earlier kernels, that ohci/uhci be loaded. The 2.6.8 
autodetection is loading all those drivers:

# lsmod
usbcore               119012  6 ehci_hcd,usb_storage,usblp,ohci_hcd

usbview displays the printer information just fine, as does KDE 
Infocenter. When I pull the cable out of one USB port and stick it in 
another since my laptop has 3 to choose from, usbview, Infocenter and 
dmesg all show the printer disconnecting and connecting to the 
correct new ports. USB thumb-drives and memory-sticks function. By 
this I assume that the usb subsystem is working.

However, hpoj simply does not detect the printer.

Any suggestions?


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