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Re: desktop

On Sun, 03 Oct 2004 02:53:58 -0800, Theo Lehr <tbl1473698525@yahoo.com> wrote:
> please help I installed debaian and when I boot up I can
> loggin fine but I know I chose to install a desktop interface
> during insalation  but all I get is what look like a beefed
> up version  of ms dos (discrpition not to insult anyone)
> I am very profishant w/ windows half that on macs but
> still good! But till now I have never used linux save a
> P.H.L.A.K. live cd and couldent fully use that! but ingenerall
> I'm good w/ comp..I think I figured what I did wrong
> but  no idea how to fix I set the desktop maneger to xdm
> I belive now I needs to be kdm but don't know how to
> change that value agine please HELP!!!!!!

Usually X is not installed automatically but if you select desktop
system with tasksel you probably already have the necessary software,
you just need to configure it properly. Install the following
programs: read-edid, hotplug. This will help you a bit further. Then
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
(xserver should be installed). Answer all the questions and see if xdm
will start up. Changing from xdm to kdm can be done by
dpkg-reconfigure either of them I think or just by update-alternatives
(read the man page).

In any case, find a copy of the debian installation manual (there's a
link on the debian website) and _read_ it. This will help you a lot
more with your problems.


P.S.: Theo I am cc'ing you because I'm not sure you're subscribed to
the list. Sorry if you get this mail two times.

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