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Re: cron, or something, chatters too much

Incoming from David A. Cobb:
> PROB: While I'm working (TTY1 as root) I get interrupted every minute or 
> so by about 10 lines of:
> PAM_unix[12345] (cron) session started for user [root, mail, 
> amvis-stats] . . .
> and
> PAM_unix[23456] (cron) session ended for ....
> I guess the information is useful ( except that none of the components 
> involved are configured to do anything useful yet ).
> But I don't want it on my TTY !!!!!  I pops into the middle of an info 

You must have lost /etc/syslog.conf

I know some setups send all this stuff to one of the ALT-Fn consoles
(/dev/tty8? Though I've never looked for it), but you should be able
to redirect it easily enough:

        *.=notice;*.=warn       |/dev/xconsole

& etc.

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