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cron, or something, chatters too much

Trying slowly to recover from what I think was a "dist-upgrade" that downgraded everything until damn little works. Ah, but I did finally get nVidia stuff working, so at least I'm on-line after a fashion.

PROB: While I'm working (TTY1 as root) I get interrupted every minute or so by about 10 lines of:

PAM_unix[12345] (cron) session started for user [root, mail, amvis-stats] . . .
PAM_unix[23456] (cron) session ended for ....

I guess the information is useful ( except that none of the components involved are configured to do anything useful yet ). But I don't want it on my TTY !!!!! I pops into the middle of an info screen or my editor or whatever else I'm trying to do. And it's not always easy to get rid of.

How can I tell PAM or cron or whatever to log its complaints somewhere else; or to block any daemon logging messages from my TTY?


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