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Re: newbie trying to install usb modem - works now

installed now thanks
I ended up using
ran the script, went back and installed make and gcc. Ran the script, and now it works.

I believe the other approach to get it running in kernel space is summarised at this site.


Eddy wrote:
Stephen Puttick a écrit le 28/09/04 15:30 :

I have an Alcatel speedtouch 330 USB (broadband/ADSL) modem, which works on both the win98 PC and my win xp laptop. I'm not quite ready to

this all sounded a bit more involved than i was planning as a newbie installation.

3)Am I right in thinking that a newer kernel might support the speedtouch.

kernel installed by default with sarge is new enough to provide the necesary support.

I think the 2.6 kernel uses a module to support the speedtouch.
I'm using sarge with kernel 2.6.7 and I need a "modprobe speedtch" to get my modem to work.

Frankly I regret ever buying my usb modem.
Oh it works quite well... once it is installed.

The advantage of a good ethernet modem is that it is recognised from the beginning of the install process and doesn't need any proprietary (micro)code to work. You just download a minimal boot cd and install from it, downloading packages as you need them.

 > Another problem : just because you find out how to get your modem
working now doesn't mean it'll work in the future as I found out when I tried to install with the 2.6 kernel using the recipes I had previously gathered from my 2.4 experiences.

So if like me you want to punish yourself for ever buying that material, keep using it. If you plan to buy an ethernet card anyway, don't waste your time and buy a new modem right now.

need an ethernet card to set up a shared internet connection so may go down the route of getting a proper modem soon anyway.

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