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Re: Gnome-Panel no longer starts at login, or after

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004 14:34:35 -0700, Ian Thomas wrote:

> <prompt> $ panel &

I didn't think of trying to start the panel manually.

> No panel starts.  I haven't found any information
> about how to fix this problem from the following
> sources:

I'm unable to get the panel to start automatically using Sawfish as my WM.
I switched to OpenBox.  I first had the problem with some xlib upgrade.

> debian mailing list archives
> gnome mailing list archives
> google

I saw some discussion on a Debian GTK development mailing list a few
months ago.  I don't recall a solution, or I'd try it.

> I'm a little disappointed that this would happen in
> Debian Stable

I have the problem in unstable.

> and surprised that no one else has encountered this problem.

Since there aren't numerous reports of failure, it's probably a
configuration problem in your system ... and mine.

> I'll keep looking for an answer and post if I find one.

I hope both happen.  I gave up, but it was no big loss.

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