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Re: Accented characters

Follow up on my own note.  I've now tried setting my keyboard to "us_intl"
instead of "us" and also fails to produce any accented characters, though in
this configuration when I ssh to machine one (the one which works correctly) I
can't produce accented characters in that session either.

Help is still appreciated.


Rich Wellner <debian@objenv.com> writes:

> I have two debian boxes and unable to get accented characters to work.  I am
> attempting to do this via:
> xmodmap -e "keycode 117 =  Multi_key"
> On machine one it works perfectly.  I can multi-key my accented characters to
> my hearts content.
> On machine two it goes into multi_key mode, in that I can type the sequcen,
> but no character is displayed.  
> However, if I ssh from machine two to machine one and type a multi_key
> sequence then it shows the accented characters.
> I've tried a few different things.  I've searched google, I've diff'ed the
> list of packages installed on the two machines.  But I'm still not seeing what
> the significant difference is.
> Anyone have ideas?
> rw2
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