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Re: Recommendations for Linux compatible wireless LAN PCMCIA card

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004, Paolo Alexis Falcone wrote:

> I have a Dell Latitude C640 laptop [1] that I would like to get hooked
> to the network via wireless. Any recommendations for good  PCMCIA WLAN
> cards (802.11b/g/a)that are Linux-compatible as well (native drivers
> that is)? How would I configure the wireless interface in
> /etc/network/interfaces?
> [1] Dell Latitude C640 supposedly has a Orinoco wireless adapter, but
> I can't seem to find it via lspci, although I can load the appropriate
> kernel module. And afaik, the adapter doesn't support 128bit
> encryption (not that it's critical for now anyway).

what is the output of lspci ??

you need to use the "right drver" for it


	and the rest of the wireless config options too

c ya

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