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Quite g00d earnings for y0u !

 hello !

My name is Alex Butheman.

I am an advertising manager of the W0rld Trans US Ltd.

In connection with expansion of our business to us the agents in your country are required. 

If you is interesting this information - ask to send us summary via email   rekrutement@fineusa.org

We necessarily shall answer to Y0U. 

About Us

World Trans US Ltd was founded in the beginning of 1999, by people with great experience and knowledge in the field of international transport, with the aim of undertaking any kind of transportation, be it by land, air or sea or a combination of these, as well as any other kind of service concerning transportation, storage, packing and packaging, insurance of the transported goods and personal items, customs clearance and any kind of customs formalities, in order to be able to provide our customers with a complete portfolio of services.

0ur Jobs

Great job opportunity working for a great company. If you have experience working in an Electronics Warehouse, Distribution Center, fimilar with bank transfers, then this is the job for you.
World Trans UK Ltd a leader in wholesale produce distribution is seeking a responsible individuals to be responsible for the areas of shipping operations, customer service.

Please reference KL-1891 on your resume.

0ur Los Angeles department address:
fh. 323-381-1010

With best regards,

Alex Butheman, the advertising manager,

The Staffing/Management Department of World Trans US Ltd.


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