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Re: apache2: index.php sent unprocessed when accessed indirectly from one location

On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Micha Feigin wrote:

> I setup apache2 from testing on one machine. My problem is that for one
> user in a specific directory, if I place an index.php in that directory
> it is being sent unprocessed to the caller as a .phtml file. The exact
> same code anywhere else (other directories/other users) is processed
> fine as php and sent as html.
> This only happens when accessed indirectly from apache's index
> searching mechanism. When named directly it works fine.

Now it stopped serving the page at all even when directly accessed. I 
didn't really changed anything permanently, moved things there and back 

I did a search for the specific user under /etc and nothing came up. 
Created a new user with a newarly identical username (minus a hiphen in 
the middle), moved all files and changed owner and everything worked, I 
also created another test user with a hiphen in the name and moved/chown 
the files and again everything worked.

Other php files in the same directory work fine.

I'm completely stumped here.

> Any ideas? > > 

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