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Mutt, imap and mailboxes?

I'm trying to configure Mutt at my office to handle 2 different IMAPS
mail servers.  Currently in my muttrc I have this:

set spoolfile={mail1/ssl}INBOX
set folder={mail1/ssl}

mailboxes {mail1/ssl}INBOX
mailboxes imaps://archives
mailboxes imaps://archives/corporate
mailboxes imaps://archives/corporate/syst

the 1st line works great.  The rest are the problem.  There is no
INBOX and those 3 are directories.  In the syst directory is another
subset of directories which have the actual mailboxes in them.

In order to access the archives I have to "c" then <tab> and change to
mail1, then do that again and change back to archives.  Any operation
in there repeats for all 3 telling me that it's not a selectable
mailbox.  If I open a mailbox in syst/june and I try to do a search,
it give me "XXX isn't a selectable mailbox" for each of the 3 which
are dirs.

Anyone have an idea if I have the wrong syntax or any ideas?  I've
read most of the muttrc files I can find on google and the docs,
nothing covers trying to read 2 or more mailboxes which are actually
on different servers or the mailboxes are on different servers and
directories of directories with mailboxes.

I've tried the mutt mailing list, no responses there.


Robert L. Harris

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