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Re: Editing PDF forms

> I just checked that again and with the latest Sarge the output looks 
> super. This presumes you start out with a pdf form of some sort...
> Get xfig and transfig
> use: pstoedit -f "fig:-startdepth 999" <in> <out>%d.fig to generate your 
> .fig files.
> These you edit with xfig. Use "T" button to enter text, I usually use 
> helvetica, looks better.
> After you save the result (in a dir. that you have write perms to!) use 
> the "export" button in "file" to generate an .eps file. I get better 
> results with a margin of 25.
> This you look at with gv and print. Better yet, send it to them and let 
> them print it if they want to.
> You save the .fig file and edit it again, or use the original .fig file 
> and edit it differently.
> Works great. Adobe is NOT needed and neither is XP to run it. ;-)
> Hugo

This looks very good, thank you Hugo. Now, I believe that eps files
are "one page" files. What if the form has multiple pages?

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