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mounting iPod with USB

i just got an iPod(!), and i'm very excited to start using it.
however, i can't figure out how to mount it.  i'm not even trying to
set up automounting or anything right now (though eventually i'd like
to); i just want to mount it to write music to it.

the instructions at the gtkpod README page offer several similar ways
of doing this, all of which use /dev/sda2 as the device you're
mounting.  they all say, though, "/dev/sda2 may not be appropriate, if
you have other scsi devices."

well, when my USB cord is connected to my iPod, and i type

    mount -t vfat /dev/sda2 /mnt/iPod

(yes, i've already made the mountpoint), i get:

mount: /dev/sda2 is not a valid block device

i know my system sees it, because dmesg tells me:

usb 1-2: new full speed USB device using address 9

and i can see it connect and unconnect by tail -f'ing /var/log/syslog.

i'm using kernel 2.6.6-1-686, on which USB is enabled (i'm using a
usb mouse), and the vfat file systemt is inserted as a module.

can anyone give me any hints as to how to get this thing mounted?

thanks a lot!


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