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Re: How to match kernel_headers and kernel versions?


Eric Dickner (<ejdickner@yahoo.com>) wrote:

> I have the 2.4.27 kernel running and needed a
> kernel_headers_<version> to compile a native kernel
> module (modem driver).  The latest headers package
> offered for 2.4.x was 2.4.18 which is what I
> installed.
> I was able to compile the object but when I go to
> "insmod" it into the kernel I am told that the version
> doesn't match my kernel version and it bails.  Since
> there is no kernel_version_2.4.27 (as far as I know)
> available will I have to DOWNgrade my kernel to 2.4.18
> in order to compile modules?

Did you compile the kernel yourself? In that case the headers you need
should be in the kernel source tree.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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