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Re: How to match kernel_headers and kernel versions?

--- Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com>

> Did you compile the kernel yourself? In that case
> the headers you need
> should be in the kernel source tree.
> best regards
>         Andreas Janssen

Yeah, I did.  The instructions from kernel.org told me
not to keep the source there as the code from the
"kernel du jour" would conflict with the headers, so I
installed a debian package there, instead.

I am guessing from looking at the names of the
versions there is no way to match up a
kernel_versions_<package>.deb with source from
kernel.org, is there?  The debian packages always have
versions like 2.4.x-<something> while the kernel.org
versions always end after the third number.

So I guess I have to decide on using a packaged kernel
or making the headers by hand, correct?

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