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stalling installation sequence woody/p3 777/128 mb

                 I am a newbie to Linux and installing OS's in general.
However, when I attempted to install Debian woody on my Pentium 3 777
mhz computer with 128 mb ram by way of floppy I ran into a problem. I
found that when installing kernel and driver module's from my boot disk
the computer just shows the following on the screen and does not ever
complete. What should I do to work around this problem? I can't access
up or down or enter or do anything but reboot the comp, in my limited
knowledge. Thank you for any help provided, this is the screen that
Debian GNU Linux System Installation                                    
Please wait                                                             
Installing the Rescue Floppy....                                        
hdd ide - fl                floppy                                      
up/down between elements : enter selects    

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