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Re: Sarge/DAC960/pivot_root

On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 10:15, Greg Madden wrote:
> Using the 9/17/2004 netinstall.iso from the Debian-DI page.
> I have a DAC6 960 card + drives configured as a raid 5 disk. Debian
> formats and installs the base system okay. The installer offers to
> install grub in the mbr, /dev/rd/c0d0, the reboot results in a kernel
> panic with the following message. 
> "pivot_root:no such file or Directory.
> /sbin/init:426 cannot open /dev/console
> kernel panic...."

We had similar problems with RAID5. What we discovered is that the
initrd didn't contain the modules needed to mount the root filesystem.

When the installer gets done with the first stage don't have it reboot.
Switch to a virtual terminal so you can grab a shell. Do an lsmod and
see what modules are needed for the RAID card. Chroot to /target then
mount the initrd image and check the loadmodules file and make sure
those modules are there. If not, edit /etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf and
add them. Then just reinstall the kernel package and it will generate a
new initrd. Mount it again and make sure the modules got included. Now
switch back to the installer and have it reboot.

Eric Gaumer <gaumerel@ecs.fullerton.edu>

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