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partition second hard drive

Hello all, 
	I had a dual boot system with Windows and Linux 
installed. Bought a new cd writer and found out I had to 
upgrade win 98 to SE to use new software for writer. SE 
costs more than the writer did. Nuts to microsoft.  
	Took Windows out and installed Debian Sarge with 
the new installer. I really am happy with it. 
	My question is How do I reformat my second hard 
drive that is presently Fat 32 windows so that Linux can 
use it for backup. I tried cfdisk but linux cannot see the 
drive. I have a Maxtor cd for the drive, which is Maxtor, 
but there is no Linux formating available on it. I sent 
them an e-mail asking why not.  
	Thanks in advance for any help. 

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