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Re: X not loading fonts

On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 07:48:11PM -0400, JoeHill wrote:
> If I fire up a vncserver with Gnome (verrrrry sloooowly), the Artwiz fonts I
> installed in ~/.fonts are 'available'.
> However, when I run a vncserver that loads Pekwm instead, those fonts are not
> available, I just get the default 'fixed' font in the menus and titlebars.
> X should load the same set of fonts no matter the desktop or WM, no?

The script I sent is very minimal. You probably need to add
/home/$USER/.fonts to the fontpath yourself.

You might want to make a bit of a change:

#! /bin/sh
exec xinit ~/.vnc-xinitrc -- /usr/bin/X11/Xvnc :1 -rfbport 5900

xset +fp ~/.fonts  ##MARK##
exec pekwm

This may still apply in the vncstartup case; you'd need to add the
marked line to ~/.vnc/xstartup or wherever rather than the
made-up-for-the occasion ~/.vnc-xinitrc, though.

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