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Lesstif over VNC a problem?

Hi group,

Needing a quick but decent plotting program while at work, I used VNC to
tunnel back home (server running woody). Problem: xmgrace wouldn't show
me any menus or dialogs at all. That is, every letter was replaced by a
box. Unfortunately, I can't read boxes, certainly not when they all look
the same.

Looking at the dependencies, I tried other programs with the same
dependencies to figure out if it was a library problem or an xmgrace
problem. I tried nedit and plan, which also depend on lesstif1, and they
show me the same. Other programs I tried (not depending on lesstif1)
work fine, though.

I further tried to tunnel from my server to my laptop (at home) running
sid, but xmgrace still shows me boxes and it depends on lesstif2.

Any ideas?

Thanks, David

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