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Re: gnome-python-vfs

Incoming from Blake Swadling:
> I've been having a peek at gdesklets and quite a few are non functional
> due to missing python bindings for gnome-vfs.
> anyone know where i might find this mythical beast in unstable?

No, but this might point out the way:

(0) keeling /home/keeling_ apt-cache search gnome-vfs
gnome-vfs-extfs - The GNOME virtual file-system extra fs scripts for GMC.
gnome-vfs-extras - GPL gnome-vfs modules, includes SMB support
libgnome-vfs-common - The GNOME virtual file-system libraries common files
libgnome-vfs-dev - Libraries and include files for developing GNOME VFS applications
libgnome-vfs0 - The GNOME virtual file-system libraries

That's for stable, btw.

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