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Re: VIA sound problem

On Thursday 23 September 2004 04:07 pm, Carl Fink wrote:
> I apologize if someone has already posted this, but I find that on
> reboot, the alsa mixer ends up muting random things, including the
> PCM volume.

I've had this problem too, with different hardware.  I twiddled the mixer how 
I wanted it, and then did an

 alsactl store 0

to save the mixer at that state.  Then I kept a copy of the 
resulting /var/somewhere/asound.state file.  Occasionally (probably when I 
reboot, maybe?  I reboot rarely...) the mixer (and the asound.state file) 
gets borked again, so I copy the good version back and 

 alsactl restore 0

There's probably a more elegant way than this using  ~/.somedotfile or some 
such.  I'd probably figure it out if I had to deal with this problem more 
often.  This works though.

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