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Re: Moving existing setup to a competely new server


rds (<rustydstone@yahoo.com>) wrote:

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> --- Andreas Janssen <andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com> wrote:
>> If you use a standard Debian kernel and the processor type is the
>> same, all you have to do is to configure and install the bootloader.
>> You can do that by booting from a Debian CD/DVD or boot floppy and
>> loading the copied system.
> Then I could probably tranfer the whole OLD file system with exception
> of the bootloader and its config files, i.e. I can transfer everything
> except for /boot. If so, that would be a great news. Do I understand
> you correctly?

Yes, as long as you have some other boot medium ready to boot the new
system the first time. Also don't forget that maybe you have to change
your fstab before the first time you boot the new system. You can
however also do this later. You can boot into a shell (append
"init=/bin/sh" to the boot prompt) and also tell the kernel at boot
time which root partition to use. If you boot directly into a shell, no
other partitions will be mounted (or attempted to). Then you can edit
your fstab.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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