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Debian with Sony Ericsson T637 -- custom apps

I have a Sony Ericsson T637 phone, with bluetooth and I presume Java.
I have explored connecting to it with Bluetooth, with a modicum of 
success.  In particular, I have connected to it's "Bluetooth COM port" 

I'd like to write a custom app (perhaps in embedded Java) which listens 
on this COM port, and connects and does some WAP transaction.  I need to 
do this because while for $24.99 / month AT&T offers unlimited data on 
the phone, they charge $.001/kb if you use Bluetooth Dial-Up-Networking 
to connect a device.

I want to use the phone as a sort of proxy.  Are there solutions in 
Debian or Linux to help me?

In general, I'd like to know what Linux software exists for connecting 
to this type of phone via Bluetooth.  

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