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Firefox and Mozilla memory usage issues


I mostly use Firefox or Mozilla for my web browsing
purposes. Both programs are great and provide the user
with a lot of choice for configuration and using
features and extensions.

However, I have noticed that if I use Firefox for a
long time, it tends to eat up a lot of memory. And I
mean "a lot" of memory. Last night, almost all my
256MB of RAM was full. The only programs running
(visible windows) were two terminals and Firefox(3
tabs). The desktop I'm using is KDE for Debian Sid
(with daily apt-get). On checking with top, I saw
firefox was using 126MB of memeory. On closing
Firefox, it took approximately 3 minutes for the HDD
to stop working hard(light kept on). The with only two
terminals open the total memory usage was 100MB.

After restarting Firefox and using it for about
5minutes(3 tabs), it was using 32MB of memory. And it
has been running since then(about 14hrs). Now its
again using 92MB.

Similar behaviour has been seen with Mozilla,
especially when viewing a page with several images.

Is this is know issue with Mozilla and Firefox? Is
this called memory leak? Is is solely related to
Mozilla or does Debian has to do something with it?


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