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Re: Setting the environment before Gnome starts up

Hi Andrei!

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Andrei Badea wrote:

> Hello Debian fellows,
> I'm using GDM to login into my Gnome session. What is the proper way to 
> set some environment variables after I authenticate through GDM, but 
> before gnome-session runs? I need this environment during my Gnome 
> session, because it contains the locale.
> The only thing I've come up with is diverting /usr/bin/gnome-session and 
> replacing it with a Bash script which includes ~/.environment and runs 
> the original gnome-session. But that's ugly and doesn't solve the 
> problem for other window mangers that I use (xfce).

The file you should use is ".xsession" in your home directory.  When
logging in with GDM choose the "Default System" option.  It will read
from this file.  The last line in it should be "exec gnome-session" to
start Gnome or "exec kde" to start kde.  This file is what you can use
to start the window manager of choice without a Display manager such
as GDM.  It will be read by the startx command.

Anyway, /etc/X11/Xsession is the system wide file.  There is a good
man page for "Xsession".

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