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Re: Why no "initrd" for Debian?


Eric Dickner (<ejdickner@yahoo.com>) wrote:

> [compiling kernel]
> Do I need to get some kind of mkinitrd and get that
> into lilo.conf?  Is this one of those areas where
> debian diverges from other linuces?

You only need an initrd if you want to compile support to access the
root file system as modules.

This very likely are the IDE hard disk drivers and support for the file
system on your root partition. If the drivers are compiled into the
kernel instead of as modules, you don't need an initrd. Obviously
you /can/ boot your system with the kernel you created, which means
that the drivers /have/ been compiled into the kernel, so everything is

If you have problems with other components (floppy, cdrom), make sure
the drivers are there, and - if compiled as modules - are loaded.

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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