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Re: Shrinking of NTFS partition??

On Wednesday 08 September 2004 15:28, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
> System is Debian based Knoppix-3.6 running kernel-2.6.7
> Is there a utility to reduce the size or shrink an NTFS
> partition. It is a 30Gb disk with about 8Gb of data (at
> least that is what du -sk tells after mounting it).
> Thanks in advance,
> -ishwar

Well, it's not the Debian way, but I've used the Mandrake 10 installer to do 
this.  Just pretend you're going to install, shrink the partition, and 
after writing the changes, reboot without continuing the install.  Note 
that the program won't let you shrink the partition beyond the last file on 
the system.  I.e., if a file resides at the end of the disk, you'll have to 
move it before resizing the partition.  Just because most of a partition is 
unused doesn't mean all the data is at the front of the disk.

Alternately, a pay for program called partition magic can do it.

Justin Guerin

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