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Re: gnumeric or oocalc

Richard Lyons wrote:
> On Monday 06 September 2004 21:43, Paul Gear wrote:
> [...]
>>I have another criteria which you may or may not find relevant: is it
>>cross-platform.  This is a critical issue to me, because i need to be
>>able to recommend the tool to the end users i support, and most of them
>>still use Windows or Mac.  Therefore, if there is a cross-platform
>>solution that works (i.e. OpenOffice.org), i recommend it.  I do the
>>same with browsers and email (Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird).
> But gnumeric can read and write excel format files, so less of a problem...

That's not the point.  Gnumeric isn't natively cross-platform.  OOo and
the Mozilla suite are.

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