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Re: Getmail version 4 + spamassassin + procmail

Incoming from Joe Wrigley:
> Replying to my own message in case anyone cares, I've sorted out my
> problems and got getmail and spamassassing working together properly.
> For anyone who wants to do the same thing, here's what I did...
> Installed getmail version 4 from
> http://www.qcc.ca/~charlesc/software/getmail-4/
> It's much nicer than fetchmail and I haven't lost mail with it like I
> did with fetchmail. Just follow the instructions for the installation.

That's difficult to believe.  I've been using it for years with no

> I use procmail to filter the mail that's been spam filtered into
> different folders based upon their spam rating. To use this you need to
> create the folders in your Maildir (use your mail client to do this,

You don't need to create any folders.  procmail handles this by itself
when something arrives for that folder.  I rm empty folders as my
rules evolve and I've had no problems.

> My getmailrc and .procmailrc are attached.

Why does your procmailrc deliver to folders like ".blah"?  What's the
dot for?  Or is that a maildir vs. mbox thing?

> To run getmail automatically periodically, run:
> crontab < getmail.cron

What?!?  If getmail.cron is a script, you don't need the redirection
to crontab.  Just run it.

> :0
> *^List-Id: South Birmingham Linux User Group  <sb.mailman.lug.org.uk>
> .SBLug/

* ^List-Id:.*sb\.mailman\.lug\.org\.uk

> :0
> *^List-Id: Birmingham Perl Mongers mailing list <birmingham-pm.mail.pm.org>
> .Birmingham-PM/

* ^List-Id:.*birmingham\-pm\.mail\.pm\.org

> :0
> ./

That should be unnecessary.  Anything not matched by previous recipes
will fall into ${DEFAULT} (or is this another maildir/mbox thing?).

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