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NIS server doesn't start

I tried today to install a NIS Server on a PC with debian woody, but
in vain.

The way was as following:
-> apt-get install NIS (portmap was automatically installed too)
-> during installation I was asked for NIS-Domainname: Einrichtung
-> /etc/defaultdomain now contains Einrichtung
-> Name of PC: linux_server
-> /etc/hosts containes a row for localhost and one for
linux_server.Einrichtung.local linux_server
-> /etc/init.d/nis has got one change: NISSERVER=master
-> no changes in /var/yp/Makefile. As long as I see, the Skript
automatically detects if there are
   shadow passwords (my system uses them)
-> no changes in /etc/ypserv.securenets  
-> With these settings I executed /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m. The script
suggested as NIS-Name the hostname
-> As the script executes many errors are displayed, all similar to:
   "failed to send 'clear' to local ypserv: RPC:  Program not
-> Then I restarted the NIS-Service: /etc/init.d/nis restart, which
leads to the message:
   ypbind [binding to ypserver...........backgrounded]

-> I checked if Portmap is running: ps -ef | grep portmap. Was
succesful: daemon...
-> ps -ef | grep ypbind leads to 4 rows with ypbind
-> ps -ef | grep ypserv was not successful
-> Then I checked rpcinfo -p localhost. Result: 4 rows with ypbind
(ports 796 and 799) but no ypserv
-> I restarted the pc 3 times, but no success

Please help

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