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Re: Konqueror and Java

Steven Feinstein wrote:

I installed Java using the information at this site:

It works great under Firefox, but I can't seem to get Konqueror to recognize
the java plugin.  I went to configuration and rescanned plugins, but the
java plugin is not getting picked up.

When I go to sites with applets, they state the plugin is not working.

Has anyone gotten the Java plugin working under Konqueror?

Hmm; I seldom use Konqueror, but just now I tried, and Java does not work for me either. I installed Java from blackdown.org, and manually untarred, installed, and moved the resulting directory into /usr/local, and then manually made the appropriate mozilla-firefox symlink to the plugin. Java works fine for me in Firefox.

I tried tinkering with the Konqueror settings; pointing Konqueror to my moz-ff plugin, and directly to the /usr/local/ Java plugin directory, and I found another Java setting in Konqueror. But after 10 or 15 minutes, I gave up. For me, it's just one more reason to prefer Firefox over Konqueror. I want to like Konqueror . . . .

BTW, I've never been able to get Flash to work in Konqueror either, although it works fine in Firefox.

So for me, I just avoid using Konqueror most of the time.

Sorry this isn't a solution, which is what you really wanted, but at least you know now that at least one other person has seen similar issues.


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