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Re: Configuring Courier

Please reply only to the list, as I'm subscribed and you'll probably
get much better help than mine for your problem. I am *certainly* not
an expert on this, I'm just trying to share my experience.

On Thu, 02 Sep 2004 11:38:13 +0100 Upayavira wrote:
> Carlos Sousa wrote:
> >On Wed, 01 Sep 2004 20:36:20 +0100 Upayavira wrote:


> >>So, can anyone either (a) help me fix the above or (b) tell me where I 
> >>can get help fixing the above or (c) recommend a SMTP/IMAP/Webmail setup 
> >>that is relatively easy to configure, and that can be installed with 
> >>apt-get from Sarge?
> >
> >(a) and (b) - No, sorry.
> >
> Oh well. Can anyone else answer (a) or (b)?
> >(c) My home machine hosts all mail under my care, and uses Sendmail as
> >    MTA, Courier-imap for both secure and unsecure IMAP connections
> >    (local or over the internet), Squirrelmail and Apache-ssl for
> >    secure remote mail retrievals with a web frontend. It's been
> >    working reliably with no maintenance for over a year, surviving
> >    all my daily apt-get dist-upgrades (Debian Testing).
> >
> Great. So if you're using courier IMAP, you've got sendmail sending to 
> Maildir folders?

sendmail -> procmail -> Maildir folders

I would imagine you could replace sendmail with any other MTA that can
forward to procmail.

> The other bit I didn't mention is that I'll need to support mailing 
> lists. I've installed courier-mlm, but haven't got near trying it.

Sorry, never tried to set up mailing lists.

> >    The most difficult to set up was Courier-imap, mainly due to my
> >    newbieness. The provided documentation was enough, a fair amount
> >    of reading will get you through the whole setup.
> >
> I hope it isn't just Courier in general that is hard to set up. What 
> were the problems you had with Courier-imap?

I never tried the whole Courier solution, I just use Courier-imap. My
problems with it were mainly that the bits I needed to read were dispersed
throughout the massive, scary-looking documentation provided. But it's all
there. I went through this nearly two years ago, the documentation could
be much better organized now, haven't checked.

> But the idea of having my own server, handling my own mail, with 
> webmail, IMAP, mailing lists, etc, and all under my control, is rather 
> exciting.

I know the feeling :) Best of luck,

Carlos Sousa

"I find gnome is far too susceptible to not working" - J.D.H

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