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Re: First general purpose unmoderated newsgroup for Debian

Madhusudan Singh wrote:

Paul Johnson wrote:

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Madhusudan Singh <msdebian@yahoo.com> writes:


Please help in propagating this newsgroup to your favorite news server by
requesting them to carry it.

Let us get it started.
Why fracture and duplicate the effort already taken care of by

This is not a "fracture" or "duplication". To post to this group, I had to
reveal my email address and go through a two email process of subscription.
Those things might not be problematic for you, but as a long time user of
the Usenet, I find these requirements onerous, and in the present day spam
ridden Net experience, even inviting trouble, since this is a glorified
mailing list.

It's handy to reveal your genuine email address in order to subscribe to the list, but AFAIK you can use a completley bogus address to write to it.

If you do this, pls ensure you do use a bogus address and not some other poor sod's address. Or askbill@microsoft.com.

No, I don't mean that. Bill has enough problems already. What, with Longhorn slipping and fragmenting and all.



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