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Re: First general purpose unmoderated newsgroup for Debian

Paul Johnson wrote:

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> Madhusudan Singh <msdebian@yahoo.com> writes:
>> alt.os.linux.debian
>> Please help in propagating this newsgroup to your favorite news server by
>> requesting them to carry it.
>> Let us get it started.
> Why fracture and duplicate the effort already taken care of by
> lists.debian.org?

This is not a "fracture" or "duplication". To post to this group, I had to
reveal my email address and go through a two email process of subscription.
Those things might not be problematic for you, but as a long time user of
the Usenet, I find these requirements onerous, and in the present day spam
ridden Net experience, even inviting trouble, since this is a glorified
mailing list.

The new newsgroup does not have those problems.

And since other newsgroups like comp.os.linux.misc etc. have done very well
without moderation (whether automated or not), I do not see what purpose is
served with a moderated newsgroup. Its not as if linux.debian.user
discusses contentious issues where matters might get out of hand. Its a
support NG where one gives and receives help.

In any case, I think I had made these and other points rather clear in my
earlier post.

Here is the URL for mozilla and other such newsreaders :


And if your favorite news server does not carry it yet, consider asking them
to :)

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