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Re: ADSL/pppoe configuration problem

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 01:14, easf cdscvs wrote:
> Hello, I just recently installed debian, and I can't
> configure my ADSL connection.
> When I run the configuration in the menu, it says it
> found the ethernet device,
> but the next step fails, something about "access
> concentrator not found" and hinting that another
> proccess may be using it.

I'm not particularly expert in this but I have ADSL on Woody.
None of the adsl configuration methods within Woody were at all relevant
because my adsl modem is not set up in bridge mode.

The only thing I had to do was to configure eth0 and then configure
my modem using it's web page.

So the modem itself is doing all of the adsl stuff, all Woody has to do is 
talk to the modem, which for me is a Web Excell.

Maybe there is something there that helps but I don't know your hardware.


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