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Re: REALTEK driver?

John Fleming wrote:
> I have an eMachines computer that my kids use that I'm trying to get going
> with Sarge.  If I use Knoppix/Debian Unstable, it finds eth0, gets IP from
> DHCP on my LAN, and we're on the Net fine.  However, the Sarge installer
> does NOT get IP and therefore doesn't find the Internet.  Interestingly,
> both Sarge and Knoppix/Sid are using the REALTEK 8139too driver.  Thus I
> don't know why Sid finds the DHCP server and Sarge doesn't.  I've tried
> manually configuring with a static IP, but that doesn't work either.

This happened to me when i first installed sarge.  Choosing the 2.6
kernel (type 'linux26' from the installer boot prompt) fixed it.

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