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Re: No sound in Sarge, snconfig has a problem

belahcene abdelkader wrote:
--- Josef Oswald <oswald@chello.at> wrote:

I have the same problem with my isa sound card.

Normally, with other distro, I 've only to run
sndconfig , which detects the card. Unfortunately, with sarge, the soundcore is called
soundcore.ko, while  sndconfig searches for
soundcore.o and even  if you rename it the problem
remains ???!!!
the detection is automatic with the anacondaz
installer, I have sent a message ( " why not anaconda"
) I hope that the debian developpers keep in mind that
the most users of debian and linux in general use  a
graphics, workstation and other multi media in PC's.

John Summerfield sent a very good answer , thank you

goob bye

That means sndconfig is only for 2.4.x kernels and before -- the new .ko end is new in 2.6.x kernels; Install hotplug and/or discover and your PC will probably autodetect which modules to use


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