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Re: REALTEK driver?

> I have an eMachines computer that my kids use that I'm trying to get going
> with Sarge.  If I use Knoppix/Debian Unstable, it finds eth0, gets IP from
> DHCP on my LAN, and we're on the Net fine.  However, the Sarge installer
> does NOT get IP and therefore doesn't find the Internet.  Interestingly,
> both Sarge and Knoppix/Sid are using the REALTEK 8139too driver.  Thus I
> don't know why Sid finds the DHCP server and Sarge doesn't.  I've tried
> manually configuring with a static IP, but that doesn't work either.

There are two steps here: first, bring up the interface; second, get your IP
address.  Can you tell where your case is failing?

Does ifconfig show eth0 as UP and RUNNING?  If not, try 'lsmod | grep
8139too' to see if the driver is loaded.  You may need to 'modprobe
8139too', then 'ifconfig eth0 up'.

Once the interface is up, you'll need to run your DHCP client.  I use pump;
the command is 'pump -i eth0'.  If that fails, you might have a firewall
problem.  But probably not on a virgin Sarge installation.

Once you've gotten these steps to work manually, then it's a question of
making it all happen automatically at boot.  Which should happen without
any intervention from you; that's basic stuff nowadays.  But there may be
something unusual that's stopping the process.  First step is to find out

Good luck,

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